[development] Active databases and development/test/production environment (was: ASP integration with Drupal?)

Victor Kane victorkane at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 11:40:35 UTC 2007

What we do with distributed development is to make an svs:ignore on the
settings file, while putting a mysqldump synched with revisions. With
scripts, so that one does a checkout, runs a script and is all set to go on
the local installation.

What you are saying would certainly be more elegant, so if you make
progress, please comment!


Victor Kane

On 8/16/07, J-P Stacey <jp.stacey at torchbox.com> wrote:

> One of the big problems we have is that many developers working on a given
> codebase: this means the codebase is in subversion and people check it out
> to their own machines, work on it, check changes back in.
> Some developers develop on the same machine, because their desktops are
> WinXX and setting up LAMP stacks takes time. On this machine, whilst they
> can check out site-specific codebases to e.g.
> sites/developername-clientname-devel.example.com and hence develop in
> their
> own sandboxes, it's difficult to keep the site under revision and yet not
> have people be forced to share a database by settings.php .
> But with the above a high-priority module could switch quickly and cleanly
> between developers' own sandboxed databases: does that sound right? How
> would you sneak in before any of the other modules? Would the following at
> the end of settings.php be sufficient:
>         db_set_active($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']); // defaults to 'default'
> Or is that too hacky? Can you even call a function from within
> settings.php
> (notwithstanding the argument of "would you want to?")
> Somewhere among all this is functionality to make Drupal a good deal more
> "enterprise", for whatever that hackneyed term is worth. Transparently
> distributed development for large-scale, independent CMS teams on their
> clients' behalf.
> Cheers,
> J-P
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