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Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Tue Aug 28 19:55:19 UTC 2007

Op dinsdag 28 augustus 2007, schreef Farsheed:
>  The advantage
> being you get all the views query goodness and all you
> have to do is make sure the data is output the way you
> want.

The disavantage should also be mentioned here: Complexity. 

A views style plugin is actually (ahum) an abstraction layer, on an 
abstraction layer, on an abstraction layer and so forth, approximately six 
levels deep. 
Drupal, has a DBA to talk to SQL. Views lays on top of that as some kind of 
databasequery builder, adding complexity to an already complex thing. On top 
of that lies the Drupal theme layer. But, views style lies on top if /that/ 
altering the theme. In fact, views has a theme abstraction in itself too. And 
on top of that, you get the theme layer again. 

Disclaimer: I am in favour of a simple fifteen-lines PHP function to aggregate 
data from the DB and present that in the table the way the client wants to 
see it, over views, cck, theme-over-theme-over-abstraction layers and all 
that. I just put this other side of the medallion here, so that readers are 
not blinded by all the CCK/views goodness, but can value a simple few lines 
of PHP where appropriate :)

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