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Farsheed tfarsheed at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 23:11:31 UTC 2007

> Op maandag 27 augustus 2007, schreef Mike Bishop:
> > Hello all,
> > Have a page that has a grid of information that
> needs to be easily
> > editable and looking for suggestions on how to
> accomplish it in a
> > drupal-esque way.
> > There is no complex logic.
> >
> > Here is an example of what the page will emulate.
> > http://skimadriver.com/snowreport.php

Adding to the options below, you could define your own
views style plugin that accepts the resulting nodes
from the views query and then output your own custom
table to make it look exactly right. The advantage
being you get all the views query goodness and all you
have to do is make sure the data is output the way you

> Depending on the amount of manpower/budget  you have
> available, I would say 
> (high to low):
> * custom module. Allows you to make the admin UI
> tailor made for the client. 
> As well as the result for vieuwers. Design your own
> (highly optimised) 
> tables, simple code, performs a lot better then any
> general (cck/views) will 
> avver be able to, and gets you 98% where the client
> wants to get.
> * Custom modules, only handling the display/ The
> input UI would be CCK, plus 
> some (unfriendly, scattered) settings and GUI pages.
> Often clients (think 
> they) don't need fancy input, as long as the output
> is 100% what they need. 
> This will get you very close there. The input is
> often a digital version of 
> ductape+rubberbands+paperclips and some jumping
> hoops.
> * Views+cck. All ready made, but will never get you
> 100 where the client wants 
> to be. Often fine enough, but ofteb it gets you less
> then 60% where the 
> client wants to get. So it may be way out of line. 
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