[development] Modules that integrate non-GPL PHP apps violate the GPL.

Vivek Puri crystalcube at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 30 20:39:30 UTC 2007

Just for background this issue has come up because
Joomla  have decided to "fully" comply with GPL. This
raised a few question for SMF team and they discussed
it with FSF. The final result of that discussion is if
php ( or any other scripting language ) which is
distributed in source form is bridged to a non GPL
software also distributed in source form then it
violates the GPL.

The immediate effect for drupal is that VB and SMF
bridges are violating GPL. It doesn't matter if its
being distributed via d.o. or not. 

This discussion is very interesting because it clearly
highlights that for some people GPL means free
software i.e. free as in beer ;) 

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