[development] important reminder: do not use API functions inupdate code

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Tue Dec 4 16:16:07 UTC 2007

> Given our relatively short development cycle, it wouldn't surprise  
> me if there are a lot of people trying to do 2-version jumps.  4.7  
> is still a supported version and will remain so until D6 is  
> released.  Actively blocking people from jumping from a supported  
> version (or just barely not supported) to a supported version (or  
> just barely supported) seems, well, rude. :-)  Dropping 4.6 and  
> earlier makes sense.

Noone suggests that. Each release would keep the upgrade path from the  
prior one. So 5.0 keeps its update code from 4.7. And D6 keeps its 5.x  
upgrade. It just means that folks have to download 5.x if they want to  
upgrade two versions. This is not so onerous, and actually helps them  
isolate a problem to a given version should some problem arise.
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