[development] drupal.org caching too aggressive?

David Norman davidn at cgraphics.com
Wed Dec 5 19:35:18 UTC 2007

I've seen that a lot lately in comments to issues. I had a 6 minute
delay before my comment appeared.

-- begin storytime --

In GHOP issue 58, I replied to corsix about revisions needed for a
patch, then posted my comment. As it turns out, he had posted a comment
with a new patch before I even started adding my comment, and it didn't
show until after I refreshed the issue a couple times because I was
looking for my issue to appear. His patch even resolved the issues I was
commenting about in the first place.

-- end storytime --

If you ask me, whatever's going on is starting to become whatever the
next stage is beyond slightly annoying.

Dave Cohen wrote:
> Recently I've posted comments on Drupal.org, and after pressing the submit 
> button I've seen the original post, without a message and without my comment.  
> If I refresh, the comment is there.  But at least once I've gone back and 
> resubmitted, because as a user it looks like my post was simply ignored.
> I suspect that I'm seeing a cached page after posting the comment (although I 
> am logged in).  Is this what's going on?  Anyone else notice this?
> -Dave
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