[development] drupal.org caching too aggressive?

Jason Flatt drupal at oadaeh.net
Wed Dec 5 23:19:31 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 05 December 2007 11:26:25 Dave Cohen wrote:
> Recently I've posted comments on Drupal.org, and after pressing the submit
> button I've seen the original post, without a message and without my
> comment. If I refresh, the comment is there.  But at least once I've gone
> back and resubmitted, because as a user it looks like my post was simply
> ignored.
> I suspect that I'm seeing a cached page after posting the comment (although
> I am logged in).  Is this what's going on?  Anyone else notice this?
> -Dave

What I've taken to doing, since I noticed this, is to open a second browser to 
verify before reposting. For example, if I'm using Konqueror (usually), I'll 
open up Firefox. I'm not convinced that would always work, if it's a database 
replication issue as Derek says, but it has so far.

Also, another thing I've noticed is that if I'm replying to an issue and I 
modify the issue's settings, they will always show, even if my comment does 
not (which really confused me the first time), indicating that it went 

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