[development] Documented Re: setting mail server for development

Augustin (Beginner) drupal.beginner at wechange.org
Tue Dec 18 13:51:28 UTC 2007


On Sunday 16 December 2007 19:54, Augustin (Beginner) wrote:
> I was trying to debug a patch for devel_issues.module

I obviously meant project_issues.module.


Thanks everyone for your answers. I am now properly set up.

I have documented everything you told me in the handbook:

Piermaria's notes allowed me to configure and start postfix, but after 
that, I still was confused about where to find the mails. (I tried 
with the command mail in the console...)

I finally used chx's method, since it's the second one I tried and it 
worked. I had to install the package php-cli, though. It will be 

So thanks again!

If you want to add anything else, you may as well add it to the 
handbook directly:



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