[development] Core developers: Mentor needed. Please!

Bevan Rudge bevan at lucion.co.nz
Thu Dec 20 22:48:54 UTC 2007

I still haven't been able to establish a technical mentor for my SoU
project. I need a Drupal developer with a fair amount of Drupal karma
and a small interest in usability, for this project to be successful.
I'll be plain;

*I'm directly asking Dries, core developers, and other
similarly-respected folk in the Drupal community, for someone who can
commit about 3 hours per week for three months.*

This is a sizable contribution to Drupal and will result in
considerable usability improvements.

Please see details on CivicActions blog for details.


On 12/5/07, Bevan Rudge <bevan at lucion.co.nz> wrote:
> I posted this recently on Planet Drupal via the CivicActions blog but
> have not had any responses yet.
> In summary, I need a drupal developer to help me out for a few hours
> per week in keeping a usability project on target.  There is a small
> stipend from the programme.
> I've included an excerpt below, see
> http://www.civicactions.com/blog/drupal_mentor_needed_for_season_of_usability_programme
> for details and links.
> Regards,
> Bevan Rudge/
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> >>>>>
> I'm proud to announce that I'm participating in the Season of
> Usability programme.  SoU is similar to Google's Summer of Code, but
> is sponsored by Open Usability and has a focus on usability, not code,
> in Free/Libre/Open-Source Software. The goal of my SoU project is to
> improve the usability of drupal.
> As part of the programme I need a technical mentor (a drupal
> developer) and a usability mentor (usability expert). Mentors help to
> maintain the direction of the project. Zoey and Ron, information
> architects at CivicActions, have offered to be the usability mentors.
> Now I'm seeking a technical mentor. The technical mentor will help to
> ensure that the results and deliverables will be valuable to the
> drupal community and integrated into the Drupal project.
> Ideally the technical mentor would be someone with a high level of
> respect within the Drupal community.
> The long term goal of this project is not just to improve usability in
> drupal 6 or 7, but to help build sustainable momentum in the drupal
> developer community that allows the community to keep drupal usable.
> http://www.civicactions.com/blog/drupal_mentor_needed_for_season_of_usability_programme

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