[development] help with input user field development / module

Alex Moreno al3xmor3no at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 09:29:10 UTC 2007

Hi everybody,

i need to develop a module that simply accepts an input user, say for
example a currency conversion. I need to use this data to make a
conversion in views module.

I have a type of content with a field named price. The user inserts a
new page of this type of content and fills the price. The final
objective is to be able to get from views the conversion ratio to
apply the needed conversions and show the price in 2 different

I don´t need to use an ecommerce module because the web is much more
symple than this. I also don´t know if that is the best or simplier

Anyone could guide me on how to start or where to look for more information?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Alejandro Moreno López
Publicidad en Buscadores y Marketing Online

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