[development] Getting both better internal and external APIs intoDrupal 7

Michelle Cox mcox at charter.net
Sun Dec 30 19:24:41 UTC 2007

On 12/30/2007 10:21:32 AM, blogdiva at culturekitchen.com wrote:
> HOT!
> +1 for including into core :
> Bio
> Panels
> I need more coffee so I can find the notes of a wishlist I have been
> compiling for a while. I do know that ICONIZER and BUEditor would be
> ideal for those of us who would like Drupal to focus on usability and
> better design. I also understand the need to make the default distro
> lightweight. For that matter, I still believe there needs to be a
> serious push for different "default" distributions --and please,
> let's
> stop calling those "profiles" because it's confusing with the
> term "profile".

I've never used iconizer but I really like bueditor. It's easy to use for 
newbies and yet doesn't get in the way like a true WYSIWYG does. I don't 
know if the code is core worthy but I think it would be a nice addition if 
it is. A compromise between those who think Drupal needs a WYSIWYG in core 
and those who say no way. Of course, it would need to be an optional module, 
not just hardcoded in.

As someone up to her ears in user profiles stuff, I second the changing of 
install profiles to something else. :)


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