[development] OT dates (was Drupal 6 release schedule)

AjK drupal at f2s.com
Thu Feb 1 01:56:42 UTC 2007

>>> Dries Buytaert schrieb:
>>> Or we could freeze D6 on 6/6/6 instead of 1/6/6. :-)
>>> But it already 2007 :-{
>>Drats.  Missed opportunity.  ;-)

> There is always 07/07/07.

Since we like playing with dates (yes, a bit off topic this sorry) who on
the list knows where they were for these two "moments" in history:-

  01:23:45 6/7/89
  12:34:56 7/8/90

Sadly, yes I do know, precisely, where and when I was ;)

--Andy (AjK)

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