[development] Drupal 6 release schedule

Zohar Stolar z.stolar at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 07:08:31 UTC 2007

Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:

> I wrote that mail to stop a useless discussion on "how the development 
> process of Drupal is fundamentally broken" in its infancy.
Well, everyone - next time you have a question - send it to Gerhard 
first to know whether it's useless or not.
Come on... Sending people to the archives is one thing, although it can 
be done in a much nicer, human manners, but classifying a discussion as 
useless.. well that's not very useful itself.
> It was a hard time. It has made me strong. I wish for others to be 
> strong too. I make them a hard time too.
I don't really see the point of making other people's life hard, just 
because you had some hard time.
This doesn't lead to improvements.
> Wrong. Making others hard time shows leadership.
I'll use your own words: "Stop right there!".
Being rude didn't get me to see you as a leader. At least not mine.
*You're a great contributor*, that's for sure, and I acknowledge it. You 
have contributed to Drupal a zillion times more than me or many other 
developers around.
*That doesn't make you a leader*, nor giving you the right to be rude 
with anyone.
Let's separate our contribution to Drupal from how important we feel we 
are. Professional respect doesn't always go with personal one.
> Maybe you next time come up with ideas of your own instead of 
> defending people who haven't asked to be defended...
Do people need to apply for defense? This is really ridiculous.
What is this - a court?
This is a mailing list. It is used for discussion. Your words will be 
heard with greater understanding if you use them nicely.

Just recently I commented about another weird discussion in the list 
(the famous "sarcasm vs. F word" case). I'll say it again:
Drupal has a high reputation of having quality discussions, in the 
forums and in the mailing lists. This, amongst other good reasons, is 
what made Druapl development what it is.
It doesn't mean that each and every discussion is relevant, but we all 
have enough words in our vocabulary that can put an end to a discussion 
in a polite, civilized way.

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