[development] CVS branch work best practices?

AjK drupal at f2s.com
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Not quite. HEAD must always exist. As Michael pointed out in another post,
one would normally do all new work in HEAD and backport. It's just another
way of working with branches and you have to decide which method is most
comfortable for you to get the job done. And even in my method, if HEAD
didn't exist where would you begin code freeze update work. The DRUPAL-6
branch won't exist until release time. You need somewhere to work before
that (unless you plan on having tardy modules then who cares ;)

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  AjK wrote:

    Now, in HEAD, I start porting to DRUPAL CORE HEAD. There's no point

    features here as we are probably in code freeze anyway and we're all

    upgrading like mad.

    Then, DRUPAL-6 comes along. Branch my module, wipe HEAD (till next code

    freeze) and continue devel down the DRUPAL-6 branch.

  please correct me if i'm wrong, but given this approach, why ever have
HEAD at all?

  let's say you permanently wipe the files in HEAD except for the README.
couldn't you just create the DRUPAL-6 branch directly from the latest
DRUPAL-5 work? it doesn't seem like HEAD ever needs to exist in this model,
except as a placeholder for the README.

  am i off base??


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