[development] file download stats for January

Greg Knaddison - GVS Greg at GrowingVentureSolutions.com
Sat Feb 3 15:40:36 UTC 2007

Dear Development List,

In case you missed it from the planet download statistics for January
from projects hosted on Drupal are now available:


Since most people here are module developers, here are the top modules
with the download numbers:

Module | Cumulative Downloads for all tarballs
views	8403
tinymce	7660
cck	7185
image	6946
imce	3866
gallery	3464
event	3203
fckeditor	3200
pathauto	3085
calendar	2920
contemplate	2877
widgeditor	2780
front	2718
category	2710
og	2624
gsitemap	2206
imagefield	2186
date	2089
audio	2023
adsense	1965
taxonomy_access	1952
video	1952
votingapi	1951
link	1946
panels	1926
upload_preview	1767
poormanscron	1694
devel	1685
captcha	1683
views_bonus	1667

While this is not a great indicator of the ongoing use of a module it
provides a reasonable proxy for that information.

If you (like me) are the author of a module not on this short list the
full spreadsheet (ODS format) of the download data for all modules,
themes, translations, and screencasts (wildly popular).


Congrats to Earl on the most popular module for January.


PS No, I do not plan to update the "modules that get no love" list.
If someone wants me to figure it out I can but most people didn't like
it last time...

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