[development] seeking module maintainers

sime info at urbits.com
Sat Feb 3 23:37:10 UTC 2007

Hi Dries

I would like to take over Flash Gallery. My strategy would be to 
maintain Flash Gallery 4.7 and then integrate into SWF Tools for 5.

SWF Tools is here: http://drupal.org/project/swftools

The goal of SWF Tools is to centralize Flash related modules, so taking 
of Flash Gallery would be *perfect*.

The benefits of SWF Tools are:
-- ships with GPL Flash Players
-- ships with GPL Flash replacement javascript.

Simon (sime)

Knapen Dries wrote:

> Dear list,
> It has taken some time before I was able to admit it to myself, but 
> due to some extensive changes in my academic career I no longer have 
> time to actively and responsibly maintain the modules I created. To 
> be honest, I even didn't get to thoroughly study the changes in 
> Drupal 5 from a developer's perspective, so I don't see myself 
> upgrade these modules any time soon.
> I prioritized my Drupal and other activities, and I have decided that 
> in the foreseeable future I will only continue to contribute to the 
> Drupal project as the treasurer of the Drupal Association, and no 
> longer as a module developer, since I believe that the Association is 
> currently more important to support Drupal and help the project grow.
> Therefore, the following modules need new maintainers:
> Flash Gallery http://drupal.org/project/flash_gallery
> Graphstat http://drupal.org/node/33946
> Inactive User http://drupal.org/node/10435
> Simplenews http://drupal.org/project/simplenews
> As for Simplenews (critical for drupal.org), RobRoy (http://
> drupal.org/user/22975) already has cvs access, and released a working 
> 5.x version of the module. Furthermore, Sutharsan (http://drupal.org/
> user/73854) provided a lot of great patches for simplenews lately. 
> I'll forward this e-mail to him in case he doesn't read this list.
> I will unsubscribe from most public Drupal mailing lists soon, you 
> can contact me in private through http://drupal.org/user/17892/ for 
> cvs access and/or module ownership. Drupal.org site administrators 
> are also free to perform these actions. I'd only like my name to be 
> mentioned as the original author on the project page and README.txt 
> of Flash Gallery, Graphstat and Simplenews.
> cheers,
> Dries Knapen
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