[development] file download stats for January

Greg Knaddison - GVS Greg at GrowingVentureSolutions.com
Sun Feb 4 15:07:09 UTC 2007

On 2/4/07, FGM <fgm at osinet.fr> wrote:
> There's something a bit strange with that list: I have several modules, only
> one which appears in the ODS file, although one of the invisible modules
> (zeitgeist) receives issues and patches from other drupallers, which seems
> to imply there has been downloads.
> Maybe there is still a "minimal downloads" cutoff limit for that file too ?

That could be.  Gerhard is the source of the data (and he just gets it
from analog, I think).  I then massage it and add in some more
information.  I did have some trouble getting the data at first, but I
think now the list is complete.

Gerhard?  Care to comment?

The last row I have is
flexinode-4.7.x-0.1.tar.gz	136	downloads.


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