[development] special filter behavior for teaser

Dave Cohen drupal at dave-cohen.com
Mon Feb 5 13:05:12 UTC 2007

I have a client using img_assist to add inline images.  They want thumbnails 
of images to appear in teaser views, and larger images to appear when the 
entire node body is shown.  Others have requested the same sort of thing 
here: http://drupal.org/node/107801.

I was hoping to accomplish this by hacking the img_assist filter to change its 
behavior when a teaser is being generated as opposed to a full body.  But 
this information (whether a teaser is being generated or not) is not 
available in hook_filter.

Is there any way for me to accomplish this?  I cannot think of a clean way so 
I wonder, should more parameters be passed to the check_markup and 
hook_filter functions?

Apologies if this is a FAQ, and thanks for any advice,


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