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Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Mon Feb 5 17:12:06 UTC 2007

On 2/5/07, Kevin Reynen <kreynen at gmail.com> wrote:

> I don't know this module's maintainer.  I've never communicated
> directly with drupal-id, but I think replacing a maintainer because a
> module is lacks some features is an extreme move.  The module code he
> produced is solid and works well for me.  It would be nice to hear
> from drupal-id more often, but the module functions and there are
> other ways to achieve the desired functionality that was included in
> the 4.7 version.

The issue at hand is NOT that the module lacks features. The module
worked in 4.7, there is a patch that updates that codebase to 5.0. The
current 5.0 branch removes a ton of features that the *users* wanted.
Yes, there are "other ways" of doing this....which non-technical users
are not capable of doing.

And, of course, the fact that the users and other developers have been
trying to get in touch with the maintainer for 3 - 4 weeks with no

In some ways, the 5.0 version is a "fork" of the 4.7 code. The nice
thing is that our current development method actually enables this. A
suggestion has been to have the 4.7 "evolution" be the 5.0--1.0 tag,
with the brand new code being 5.0--2.0

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