[development] should tinymce get a new maintainer tinymce

Kevin Reynen kreynen at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 20:31:12 UTC 2007

Here's an update on the TinyMCE saga...

Posting to the www.drupal-id.com forum is getting a response, but
those responses only come on the forum or through the Drupal.org
contact forms.  Attempts to send email directly to
support at drupal-id.com are delayed.  My guess is these emails are
ultimately rejected.

Even when I am able to communicate with someone at www.drupal-id.com,
they do not answer the questions I ask nor have they begun to deal
with the backlog of issues.  All of the responses have been from
someone named Wendy.  The drupal-id.com on Drupal.org lists a first
name of Jonathan.  I've asked, but have not gotten an explanation
about that.

The only thing useful Wendy has done is grant me co-maintainer status.
 I went a head and posted this message to the TinyMCE project page

"IMPORTANT: There are unresolved issues with the current release of
this module in IE and Safari. In addition, two features found in the
4.7 version of the module are missing from the 5 release. There is a
patch to restore basic role based customization, individual buttons
can no longer be selected with a graphical interface. To add,
subtract, and change the order of buttons in the current release,
users must edit the .js files found in the module's themes directory.
Users interested in using TinyMCE the way it worked in Drupal 4.7
should look at the new Moxie module. I am not the official maintainer
of this module, but communicating with drupal-id.com has proved
problematic. Hopefully these issues will be resolved soon. - Kevin

I see few potential outcomes from this course of action...

1) drupal-id.com gets pissed and removes me from the project, but
doesn't address any of the other issues leaving things where they were
2) drupal-id.com finally realizes there is a problem with their email
system, starts to respond and address user issues/concerns
3) drupal-id.com continues to do nothing, is removed as the
maintainer, and everyone interested has a rational discussion about
how best to move forward

Meanwhile, I am trying to clear as many issues from the TinyMCE queue
as possible.  Suggestions about leaving the 4.7 feature requests open
or pointing those users to the Moxie "unfork" and closing the issue?

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