[development] create patch form

sime info at urbits.com
Wed Feb 7 14:49:42 UTC 2007

Has anyone meddled with a patch creation form? Eg:
1) select the file of interest
2) paste your variation code
3) submit to create a patch

Seems simple, judging from the few times I'm brave enough to use the 
command line (yes, I'm GUI user who would struggle to code this).

In my wanderings through contrib, I've seen many users submit code which 
solves a problem, but which is not in expected patch format. For 
example, a zip file of whole modules! This happens more in the contrib 
modules where patches are less critisized and users are sharing 
solutions with each other that "just work".

Some might question whether we should cater for these developers. I say 
yes, because they are solving problems but cannot communication the 
answer very well. If a developer installs a module on a site, and then 
fixes a bug, then they have a solution - however to then submit that 
answer in legible form is quite an effort for many.

Further more, we then expect users to be able to generate 
function-contextual patches from root. This is a hard to grapple and I'm 
sure the effort is too much for some, and they never submit a patch at all.

Interested in any thoughts.

Simon (sime)

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