[development] create patch form

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Wed Feb 7 19:21:56 UTC 2007

Darrel O'Pry wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-02-07 at 19:37 +0100, Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
>> I believe that people not able and/or willing to provide proper patches 
>> will probably only provide second rate code anyway and it isn't worth 
>> the bother.
> I agree with killes. If a user can't diff... I'd expect patches against
> the wrong version of a module and/or patches that provide poor or
> incorrect solutions to problems.
Possibly, but I often get whole modules attached to issues in contrib. 
Such a tool would at least put an end to that. I also get many "If you 
add this after line 12345...." issues. Often times, in both cases, the 
person (arguably with minimal coding skills) has actually identified 
(and corrected) a real problem. Reviewing and applying patches instead 
of dealing with the cases I mentioned would be easier. Anyway, it would 
be cool to build and see what happens. I don't have time to do it.

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