[development] create patch form

sime info at urbits.com
Wed Feb 7 23:51:13 UTC 2007

I will put up US$50 plus offer hosting for the prototype. I know it's 
not much, but since I'm not CVS/shell experienced enough to code this 
myself, I better put something where my mouth is.

And responding to some other replies. Yes the submitted code might suck, 
but it's the delivery system we're talking about here.

Also, it's simply not right to dismiss the code of people who can't use 
diff. Before drupal I code VB apps and had never used version control - 
my lack of formal IT education meant that learning to supply proper 
patches was *hard*, it took a lot of time, and I had to grok alien 
concepts, I had to learn how to use shell for feck's sake :-P

There are a lot of smart hacks out there who have better things to do 
than learn CVS. I still want their patches!


Robert Douglass wrote:

> So is someone going to build this now, or do we have to try a reverse 
> bounty?
> Michael Favia wrote:
>> Boris Mann wrote:
>>> I'm all for lowering barriers to entry. I wonder about the quality of
>>> code from such a system. Figuring out patch/diff and CVS is good for
>>> the soul, not to mention best practices of code development.
>> We are getting the changes presently anyway. They are just in the form
>> of changed module files that WE have to diff and patch. This has value
>> for simple edits like people who want to take the time to reformat code
>> or change strings, etc. While i agree that /I/ think it is valuable to
>> learn how to "patch dance" i don't want to impose it on contributors who
>> otherwise dont need to.

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