[development] create patch form

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Feb 8 13:05:58 UTC 2007

Quoting sime <info at urbits.com>:

> I will put up US$50 plus offer hosting for the prototype. I know it's 
> not much, but since I'm not CVS/shell experienced enough to code this 
> myself, I better put something where my mouth is.
> And responding to some other replies. Yes the submitted code might 
> suck, but it's the delivery system we're talking about here.
> Also, it's simply not right to dismiss the code of people who can't 
> use diff. Before drupal I code VB apps and had never used version 
> control - my lack of formal IT education meant that learning to 
> supply proper patches was *hard*, it took a lot of time, and I had to 
> grok alien concepts, I had to learn how to use shell for feck's sake 
> :-P
> There are a lot of smart hacks out there who have better things to do 
> than learn CVS. I still want their patches!

There are a great number of issues with this not yet given thought to.  
I'd suggest beginning a g.d.o page so that toughts around what needs to 
happen can easily be hashed and edited whiteboard style.  One issue 
that I haven't seen discussed is being able to determine the CVS 
version of the file that needs a difference.  You will need the 
revision number modified to determine the difference with that revision 
so that the patch can be applied cleanly.  If all files have the $Id$ 
tag the file could be filtered for the tag and the revision of the file 
expanded from it.  But what do you do with the files without the $Id$ 


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