[development] seeking module maintainers

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Thu Feb 8 16:18:39 UTC 2007

Michael Favia wrote:
> Knapen Dries wrote:
>> Thanks for the offer, but for the moment I'd like to keep Graphstat 
>> simple - without the need for users to install additional pear 
>> packages. Actually, I wrote a lot of new graphstat code last summer 
>> that will make graphstat much more generic, and will enable other 
>> modules to render graphs on their own by called a few graphstat-
>> hooks. This code is not fully completed yet (and written for 4.7).
>> So right now, I'd be great if someone could simply port the existing 
>> code to Drupal 5 (as that's what users are primarily requesting). 
>> This will allow users to continue using graphstat with its current 
>> functionality, and allow me to continue working on the planned 
>> graphstat extension without too much pressure...
> Completely understandable. I am actually writing the graphing module as
> a standalone API module and the statistics module is calling upon that.
> I'm also bundling the library with the module so no installation is
> necessary.

Please keep in mind that bundling third-party software is not allowed in 
contrib cvs.


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