[development] seeking module maintainers

Michael Favia michael at favias.org
Thu Feb 8 16:14:38 UTC 2007

Knapen Dries wrote:
> Thanks for the offer, but for the moment I'd like to keep Graphstat 
> simple - without the need for users to install additional pear 
> packages. Actually, I wrote a lot of new graphstat code last summer 
> that will make graphstat much more generic, and will enable other 
> modules to render graphs on their own by called a few graphstat-
> hooks. This code is not fully completed yet (and written for 4.7).
> So right now, I'd be great if someone could simply port the existing 
> code to Drupal 5 (as that's what users are primarily requesting). 
> This will allow users to continue using graphstat with its current 
> functionality, and allow me to continue working on the planned 
> graphstat extension without too much pressure...

Completely understandable. I am actually writing the graphing module as
a standalone API module and the statistics module is calling upon that.
I'm also bundling the library with the module so no installation is
necessary. While it is somewhat of a misuse of the "PEAR library"
concept, I find that too many people aren't in control of the systems
environment enough to assume they can install and configure PEAR
themselves. I hate code duplication as much as the next guy but
sometimes it is the lesser of 2 evils.

If you are totally unable to find a "proper maintainer" I might be able
to provide upgrade assistance but it depends on my work schedule over
the next month or two. Thanks for the response.

Michael Favia                   michael at favias.org
tel. 512.585.5650        http://michael.favias.org

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