[development] "Is this a bug?" type questions

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Sun Feb 11 21:12:23 UTC 2007


This is a list for Drupal development. If you have a question about how 
to code Drupal, be it core or contrib, your question is appropriate 
here. You do yourself (and everyone else) a favor if you do your own 
research into the matter (search the list archives, Google, IRC) before 
posting to the list. You do yourself and everyone a favor if you don't 
get personal, if you take what others say with a grain of salt, and if 
you refuse to get baited into arguments. You do yourself and everyone 
else a favor if you look past responses that obviously reveal personal 
grudges, past histories, and trivial distractions.

If you ask a question, and one person gives a helpful answer, does it 
really matter how many other people try to slap you down?

Some people on this list are very very bad at separating content from 
rhetoric. Others lack a sense of proportion when writing in a foreign 
language. All of us are united, more or less, in our goal.

There is no need to pretend that the devel list is a *fun* place to be. 
But if you use it for asking development related questions and giving 
development related answers, AND NOTHING ELSE, it will serve its purpose.


PS I found Carl's question interesting and hope the matter is pursued.

Tao Starbow wrote:
> I have been reading this dev list for 18 months now, and I am still 
> not 100% sure what questions will get you slapped down. I particularly 
> wonder about questions like Carl Mc Dade just asked - ei: I am writing 
> code that interacts with the core modules and found an unexpected 
> behavior - is it a bug or intentional?  I have interacted with other 
> open source projects in the past where they got very upset if I filed 
> an issue in ignorance, so I like to research before I file.  Is this 
> list an appropriate place for that research, or is this list intended 
> to be only for developers working on the core?
> thanks,
> -tao

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