[development] No last access?

AjK drupal at f2s.com
Mon Feb 12 15:57:43 UTC 2007

> Is there no longer a last access functionality?
> using the global user and calling $user->access
> gives the value after the database has been updated.
> Not the value in the database at the time of login.
> Ex. the value in the database table is 0000002.
> You will not get this value but the value 0000003
> which is the time of the latest access.

The above was your original question.....

> No luck with that. Time code shown in
> database = 1171293946 timecode called by
> using the following
> print $account-access;
> 1171294179

Erm, am I missing something here or should you not be doing:-

print $account->login;

"login" holds the timestamp of the last login, "access" holds the timestamp
of the last browser hit for the user.

This is from user.module:-

  // Update the user table timestamp noting user has logged in.
  db_query("UPDATE {users} SET login = %d WHERE uid = %d", time(),

and this is from session.inc:-

  db_query("UPDATE {users} SET access = %d WHERE uid = %d", time(),


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