[development] How do you fix this, in theme.inc or the module?

William Smith william.darren at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 17:47:44 UTC 2007

Unless I'm confused about this, the support mailing list is for discussion
pertaining to developing *with* Drupal (what you are doing with your
module), while the development mailing list is for discussion pertaining to
the development of Drupal itself (ie. core).

So with that in mind, while you are developing a 5.1 module, it is a type of
development for which questions are better suited in support.


On 2/19/07, Carl Mc Dade <carl_mcdade at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Did I miss something or is my writing? In the first line of my post I
> explain that I am updating a module to 5.1. So my post definately belongs
> here. I am not looking for support but clarity on an issue that was posted.
> Since that issue came up under my "development" of a 5.1 module.
> I am at a total loss as to if the other items you posted about have
> anything to do with the problem I was having. But if you think it is helping
> someone I guess it makes sense.
> I am pretty much aware of the techniques for debugging. But that was not
> the question. What I wanted to know was if this issue was resolved by 1) a
> patch to the core 2) unresolved 3) could be avoided by adjustments in my
> module code.
> In this case it was the modules code. I think a better reply would have
> been "can you post your code" since I forgot to do so.
> But it is done and fixed now so I am on to the next row of code.
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