[development] 4.7.5 (minor) API change, project_issue UI impacted: clear browser cache. ; )

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Tue Jan 2 00:06:17 UTC 2007

hi folks.  if anyone's been playing with core from the very tip of  
the DRUPAL-4-7 branch, you might have noticed a minor change in the  
API, regarding how FAPI renders #prefix elements from your form arrays.

this can impact the UI of contrib modules, especially if you were  
trying to use css to modify the appearance of node forms.

a) everyone who's messing with #prefix/#suffix around node forms  
should take a look at this:

b) the project_issue.css and project.css files had to change for  
4.7.5 compatibility because of this.  i just installed all of this on  
drupal.org, but you're going to have to clear your browser caches to  
get the new copy. ;)

happy new years,
-derek (dww)

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