[development] Converting stories to pages

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jan 2 17:46:36 UTC 2007

Quoting Boris Mann <boris at bryght.com>:

> On 1/2/07, Earnie Boyd <earnie at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
>> This thread reminds me of a recent post I made "Page vs Story - Again",
>> I'm sure you all remember.  I still contend that Story should be off on
>> a new install to prevent the newbie not understanding the difference
>> from needing to do a conversion in the first place.  Statements were
>> made that it had to do with workflow but a newbie doesn't realize how
>> Drupal workflow works upon start.
> But they will, with documentation and differing workflow options. Page
> is not promoted, has comments disabled, and has revisions turned on by
> default. Story is promoted to the front page, has comments turned on,
> and no revisions.

I am cool with that, I understand it all now; but it took me trial, 
error and postings to get it.  Where are the UI and workflow changes 
being documented?  E.G.: Where can I find in the documentation the 
explanation for the removal of the Moderation Queue workflow?

>> And worse, story isn't even listed
>> in the modules for V5 to be turned on or off even though the node type
>> can be deleted.  Ok, I know about the dynamic "Content Types" and I
>> understand the reasoning behind it and the fact that modules need to
>> create a content type but upon installation there isn't an example in
>> V5 of a module that creates a content type.
> Content types are used to describe any module which creates new node
> types. Whether CCK-like story or page. Blog module "creates" a content
> type on installation.


>> IMO, Story needs to be a
>> module inactive by default that users can activate once they learn what
>> it can do for them.
> Earnie: I have seen zero comments from you in the threads that I
> repeatedly pointed to: http://drupal.org/node/104763

Subscribed now.  There is so much activity from Drupal that it is hard 
to keep track of unless I actually subscribe and I can find it in "My 

> Story is NOT a module any longer -- in Drupal 5,

I am aware of that fact.  Both Page and Story were modules in 4.7.x and 
their promotion to default profile nodes in 5.0 is going to cause some 

> we are in a transition phase with CCK-like functionality in core.

I don't know that I can appreciate the difference being as new to 
Drupal as I am but I know that I liked the functionality CCK provided.  
I am sure that this is a step in the correct direction.

> We've
> streamlined the code that was almost a complete duplicate between Page
> and Story and added more flexibility along with an upgrade path from
> 4.7. in Drupal 6, the removal of even more module node types is
> possible -- e.g. blog and book are candidates here that have long been
> talked about, and folks are already working on an outline module that
> does book functionality.

I appreciate streamlining and flexibility and thank those that have 
been involved for it; hopefully I find some time to provide some of 
that streamlining and flexibility.  I suppose that _my_ issue is I 
quickly went from 4.7 to HEAD and didn't realize the amount of work 
that had been accomplished since.  There are a lot of good changes that 
have taken place.

> Hope that helps. Use issues and patches if you want to help enact
> change. Thanks,

Using the issues and patches online forum is like teaching an old dog 
new tricks.  Besides, I responded to an email. :)


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