[development] Missing CVS branches in contrib -- peeve

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Tue Jan 2 20:32:25 UTC 2007

Chris Johnson wrote:
> This is a pet peeve.   Be forewarned.  :-)
> Today, for the Nth time, I again wasted time looking for a module in
> the 4.7 branch of the contrib repository that was not there.  Why?
> Because it was in the HEAD branch, even though it only works with 4.7
> -- and not 5.0 or later.
> So this brings me to my pet peeve of the moment:  module maintainers
> who do not branch their modules when appropriate.
> How can this be made easier for people, and more reliable for folks
> who want to download or checkout contrib code?

Please note that as we move forward, it is slowly becoming less and less 
advisable to stay up to date via CVS. While we do not yet have the tools to 
stay up to date 'the right way' (i.e, only through official releases) we are 
very close to being able to have them. In fact, there is only one piece that 
stands in the way, and that's a simple way to get the data off drupal.org. 
Right now we have enough info that one could mine the data from d.o. and parse 
the project page, as it now lists current releases by branch, and this is 
certainly a good start, but the mining is not going to be very efficient and 
prone to error if/when the format of the project page changes.

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