[development] Version2 Module

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed Jan 3 00:32:55 UTC 2007

Good work.

I saw the commits in CVS, and wondered "what the heck is version 2"?

Can you please consider renaming it a more descriptive name? Something like
contrib status, upgradability status, or the like?

On 1/2/07, Doug Green <douggreen at douggreenconsulting.com> wrote:
> I want to announce a new Developer Module named "version2" that assists
> with
> keeping contributed modules up to date and summarizing their upgrade
> availability.  If you install this module on a 4.7 site, you can quickly
> determine if you are ready for the 5.0 upgrade based on the availability
> of
> 5.0 modules.
> http://drupal.org/project/version2
> I believe that it works, but it is brand spanking new (I wrote it last
> night
> and today) and should be considered beta quality.  But as we are in the
> middle of an upgrade push, I wanted to make it available sooner rather
> than
> later.
> Version2 reads the current version information of enabled contributed
> modules from CVS/Tag, the CVS $Id$ string, and from the new .info files.
> Using cron, it gets the current version information from cvs.drupal.org to
> determine if your there are both minor or major upgrades available; update
> checks are currently limited to once per day. Version2 displays this
> information on a single page and creates watchdog events when an upgrade
> is
> available.
> To quickly determine your contrib module upgrade availability for the next
> major release, install version2 on your current site and look for links in
> the cvstag column. These are links to the new release download on
> cvs.drupal.org. If most/all of your contrib modules are available, then
> it's
> time to upgrade your site!
> Doug Green
> 904-583-3342
> www.civicactions.com
> www.douggreenconsulting.com
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