[development] Version2 Module

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Wed Jan 3 06:14:38 UTC 2007

On Jan 2, 2007, at 7:47 PM, Doug Green wrote:

> I haven't looked at project.module at all, but I think all that is  
> missing
> is to make project.module expose additional information (an RSS  
> feed for
> aggregators and some other machine readable format [XML/ini style]).

right, that's exactly what's being proposed and discussed in:

> If I have the project name (i.e., views) and the module name (i.e.,
> views_ui.module) can the project module return all of the releases  
> and the
> most recent cvs id's for that tag?

release versions: yes (from the {project_release_nodes} table)
cvs ids: not currently (this info isn't mirrored into the DB at all)

> I'm open to other names, but may need some help getting CVS and the  
> project
> system to recognize the new name.

just decide on a better name and followup here:
(rename "version2" module to something better)

then one of the cvs admins (myself, killes, kjartan, etc) can help  
with the rename in CVS.  you'll be able to just edit the project  
node.  you'll probably need a little help renaming the existing  
release nodes, so to avoid making extra work, please don't add any  
more releases until the rename is done.

> Under the same vain, does anyone know how to correct the project  
> version
> 5.x-5.x-dev?  When I created project release, I accidentally gave 5  
> for the
> major version number instead of 1.

i just fixed it for you.  again, you just need someone with enough  
permissions on drupal.org and they can edit these things in a release  


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