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Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Wed Jan 3 19:43:05 UTC 2007

On 1/3/07, Scott McLewin <drupal at mclewin.com> wrote:
> >> running EXPLAIN on it suggests that the JOIN with node_revisions is
> >> not optimized. Perhaps someone else can look at EXPLAIN for this and
> >> suggest a fix?
> >>
> It's too bad Karoly is not here to tear into this recommendation as well.
> Khalid - In regard to your recent response on the 'I unsubscribe'
> thread, you earn more of my respect with each balanced post you place on
> the mailing list.  By listening here for about two years and working
> with Drupal heavily for the past year I've learned enough to be helpful
> on the list and in issue queues, but I must say I do hold back most of
> the time, not wanting to raise the ire of some of the stronger
> personalities in the community.

Please don't hold back. We do need feedback and discussion. One concern (and
it IS valid) is a high signal to noise ratio. I'll use the Documentation
list as an example: lots of talk, few contributors actually adding / editing
handbook pages.

Same goes for here: I know I "left" the list for some time (back in
2002~ish) because I hit a wall in terms of my contribution ability -- I
didn't code enough to move the actually *codebase* forward, which is the
focus of THIS list. I came back when I was able to contribute more fully.

So: respect signal to noise, use issues / patches, but don't feel
intimidated. Oh, and we like code (or at least, testing) :P

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