[development] Tangent from Slow query log

Scott McLewin drupal at mclewin.com
Wed Jan 3 20:15:51 UTC 2007

Boris Mann wrote:
> Please don't hold back. We do need feedback and discussion. One 
> concern (and it IS valid) is a high signal to noise
I'll hold back less and less now that I'm pretty comfortable with the 
guts of Drupal and carry quite a bit more confidence in my answers (and 
hopefully without the arrogance that I find off-putting when I encounter 
it).  My development partner and I have been deeply impressed by the 
abstraction points in the system as we've built a site on top of Drupal.
> Same goes for here: I know I "left" the list for some time (back in 
> 2002~ish) because I hit a wall in terms of my contribution ability -- 
> I didn't code enough to move the actually *codebase* forward, which is 
> the focus of THIS list. I came back when I was able to contribute more 
> fully.
> So: respect signal to noise, use issues / patches, but don't feel 
> intimidated. Oh, and we like code (or at least, testing)
Understood and recognized.  While I submit patches at a reasonable clip 
I am confident that I'm not winning any patch quantity competitions.  
:)  I see a reflection of my own inspiration to help in Earnie (the one 
lambasted by Karoly) and get rather disenchanted at how a few people 
treat the new blood flowing into Drupal.  I'm stating this here because 
I care about the platform and it's overall reputation.  The "I 
unsubscribe" style rant is unfortunate and, IMHO, worse than suggesting 
an improvement without putting code behind that specific improvement.

Back to making signal.


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