[development] Releasemonitor Module (was Version2 Module)

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 08:20:44 UTC 2007

On 04 Jan 2007, at 04:23, Doug Green wrote:

> I've checked in some changes intended to move the currently named  
> version2 module toward project release management (proposed  
> releasemonitor module) instead of just module versions.

Good job, Doug!

Two important suggestions:

    1. People should not have to install a contributed module to see  
what modules are insecure or outdated.  Some of this are the natural  
next steps for core.  With Drupal 5, we laid the foundations, and I  
hope people we can complete this work in Drupal 6.  While it is great  
to see a module for Drupal 5, I hope you'll help submit patches for  
Drupal 6.  This is core functionality.

    2. This has come up a number of times but there is a need to  
perform some of these tasks from the command-line so people can --  
potentially -- monitor hundreds of sites.  As pointed out by Ber and  
others, we'll want to build command-line tools or libraries for this,  
and then build one or more GUIs on top of that.  It might we worth  
keeping that in mind as the tool continues to evolve.

      // Stupid pseudo code:
      foreach ($sites_on_system as $site) {
        $modules = drupal_get_outdated_modules();
        print "$site needs to upgrade $modules!\n";

Based on (1) and (2), I suggest we create a release.inc for core with  
the basic functionality required to make some of this possible.

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