[development] About CSS3

Andre Molnar mcsparkerton at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 4 17:42:00 UTC 2007

Well, I'm 100% for standards compliance - but actual standards.

I have no problem with themes including stylesheets that push the
envelope a bit (to use CSS3) - but if a stylesheet is included with a
core module then it should be compliant with the current standard.

to summarize: Themes - use whatever styles they want (valid or not)
              Modules - validated css to current standard

In any case CORE functionality or usability should not rely on on CSS3.


Steven Wittens wrote:
> Drupal 5.0 will be the first Drupal that includes some CSS3. Several
> people have brought up concerns or 'bug reports' about this.
> Facts:
> - CSS3 is a huge standard which is still in draft form, although many
> parts of it haven't been changed in the past couple of years. It
> consists of several modules, which are usually independent from each other.
> - Several parts of CSS3 are already well supported by some (e.g.
> 'display') or even all the major browsers (e.g. 'opacity').
> - CSS has always clearly specified how parsers are to deal with unknown
> styles. e.g. Setting "bunnies: fluffy" or "display: foobar" should not
> have any effect in any modern browser, as it is not part of any CSS
> standard. Both rules are treated as if they weren't there at all.
> - The W3C provides a CSS3 option in their CSS validator, showing that
> they promote active use of the spec.
> With that in mind, I'd like to set an official policy on CSS3 in Drupal,
> namely that we allow it. By definition, it should not cause any problems
> in older browsers, and it can be used to provide extra UI cues (opacity
> for disabled items) or nice style enhancements (e.g. text-shadow in
> Garland, for Safari).
> The only big problem for now is that some of the CSS3 throws a warning
> in Firefox's debug log (e.g. "display: inline-block" in core). While
> annoying, this is IMO Firefox' fault, not ours. Especially because
> Firefox is happy to accept the other CSS3 in Garland (e.g. "opacity:
> 0.5"). It is also only visible if you have some sort of development
> tools active.
> It seems most of the reactions against this are knee-jerk: "Drupal
> doesn't care about valid CSS" or "What's this scary error message?". IMO
> this is the price to pay for progress. Drupal is still sticking to a
> standard, and one which has real-world implementations.
> Objections? :P
> Steven Wittens

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