[development] Break tag issue compromise

Eric Goldhagen eric at openflows.org
Fri Jan 5 14:37:10 UTC 2007

At 4:13 AM -0800 1/5/07, Neil Drumm wrote:
>Steven Wittens wrote:
>>I've posted a different and more interesting compromise here:
>I have been staying out of the conversation since I did not notice 
>the original patch go in and don't want to get involved in a messy 
>discussion. I have not fully read up on the plentiful discussions.
>Steven's new UI element is good functionality, but isn't something I 
>like see happening in release candidate phase.
>The new variable which chx proposed is a hidden setting. By default, 
>hidden settings are not good since they increase debugging load and 
>code obscurity. The approach does accomplish the stated goals.
>I think the two simplest options are the best- either roll the patch 
>back, or keep <break />. Rollback is a good option because 
><!--break--> has been happily working previously. Keeping <break /> 
>is good because it is being tested now. Either of these changes 
>should of course come with any necessary associated cleanup.

I agree that rollback is a good option. We should roll this back to 
the way it has always worked and take the time to carefully address 
all the issues that have been raised about this change.

Trying to address such a controversial issue within the context of 
people working hard to get drupal 5 out the door is bad process. 
Let's slow down, and find a solution that actually addresses the 

I guess this is why major changes like this are not supposed to be 
made at this point in a development cycle.

(personally, I've built and therefor do long-term hand 
holding/support for more drupal sites than I can really count, please 
don't force me to spend days on the phone re-training all those users)

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