[development] Rename *_load and friends

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sat Jan 6 06:22:24 UTC 2007


We have had a discussion about this already under a different subject.

My opinion here is that hook_foo is something that gets implemented by N  
modules and at call time these are called, one after the other. hook_menu  
, hook_form_alter etc etc Note that 'hook' is always replaced by the  
module name.

Despite hook_load is called a hook, it's a different animal: at call time,  
only one implementation is called. Not to mention that since we have a  
node information hook, 'hook' is not necessarily replaced by the module  

Larry Garfield suggested calling these method_load, method_view and so on.  
This I find a good idea and now would like to get opinions on this name.



Ps. By the way, theme hooks are also not hooks...

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