[development] Forum Access module

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Sat Jan 6 22:27:41 UTC 2007

Is there anyone out there with an interest in working to help improve the forum 
access module? It's a great little toy and something I realize I don't really 
have the time to commit to continuing along the path that it deserves.

1) One requested feature that I resisted initially but have softened up to is 
that in the same way that it adds moderators to forums, it could also add user 
exceptions to forums. Instead of 1 acl attached to the forum it could have 2; 
the second acl would provide only view privileges, while the first acl provides 
maintainer privileges.

2) It could really use some better moderation tools. Some API to make it easier 
to determine if there is a forum moderator and give them tools to actually 
moderate a forum and not simply give them edit access, which is a start. 
Obvious tools include some node links to make it easy to unpublish a forum. 
This might do very well to work with whomever out there is currently maintaing 
a decent moderation module such that forum access and the moderation module 
could work in concert (and in so doing allow other forum access-style modules 
to utilize the same tools) to create a nice suite of tools to make it easy for 
*whatever* type moderators to do their jobs.

Anybody willing to take this up?

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