[development] "Subclassing" the standard #autocomplete form widget

Rob Barreca rob at electronicinsight.com
Thu Jan 18 22:25:57 UTC 2007

> RobRoy is, well, whoever RobRoy is. 
Hey, look. I'm famous! :-P

Rob Roy Barreca
Founder and COO
Electronic Insight Corporation
rob at electronicinsight.com

Rob Thorne wrote:
> Nope, different Rob.  I'm Torenware on drupal.org;  RobRoy is, well, 
> whoever RobRoy is.
> But I agree with RobRoy's comment on your thread:  there really ought 
> to be a solution in Core for this.
> --Other Rob
> Yves CHEDEMOIS wrote:
>> I even submitted a generic attempt for Core over there : 
>> http://drupal.org/node/80565
>> (on double checking, it seems you commented there some time ago - or 
>> is that another Rob ?)
>> This did not get much success - I'm not sure it was a good idea to 
>> begin with, or maybe it was but I did it wrong.
>> So i got back to the [nid] hack. Still not really happy with it, though.
>> Yves

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