[development] Drupal 5 Themer Pack

Victor Kane victorkane at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 11:07:58 UTC 2007

In my opinion, no. Drupal is great because it cleanly separates "core"
(controller, logic; and model, database, cleanly separated into its
database abstraction layer) from presentation, giving you the ability
to plug in Smarty, phpTemplate, etc

For example, let's suppose I want to make a theming engine based on
XLST theming: I would make a theming engine which ensured div creation
via pure XML, would write a minimalist XLST transformation that would
be expanded in every individual theme, and would add on some
standalone CSS.

Drupal goes very far in implementing the MVC (model, view controller) pattern.

The core should call the theme engine for the presentation layer.

What I am suggesting is to give flexibility on a theme-engine wide
layer, and not only in a single theme.

Victor Kane

On 1/22/07, Stefan Nagtegaal <development at istyledthis.nl> wrote:
> Wouldn't it make more sense to make the default templates in core
> better as suggested before instead of "porting" another portion of
> drupal into some sort of contrib project?

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