[development] Drupal 5 Themer Pack

jason at jayro.net jason at jayro.net
Mon Jan 22 12:38:49 UTC 2007

Hey Victor

> Drupal goes very far in implementing the MVC (model, view   
> controller) pattern.

Yes and no. There seems to be some effort in attempting to achieve  
this in  the future, but it is certainly not there (yet), as you say  
yourself Drupal "goes a long way", but just not (yet) far enough.

Just take a look at ROOT/includes/menu.inc, e.g. line653:
return "\n<ul class=\"menu\">\n". $tree ."\n</ul>\n";

There's more in that file. Including mark up violates MVC separation IMHO.

Actually, I thought this is exactly where Earls' project suggestion is  
suppose to lead us to (clean MVC). Someone please correct me!

<quote parent_post="Earl Miles">
separate logic from presentation without adding too much processing time to
the code.

By the way Earl, I am also interested in this project, but am  
currently a little busy with some other stuff. Further I agree with  
Victors first suggestion to turn this into a Drupal Dojo project.

Bright Regards

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