[development] nodify, objectify, CRUD-ify ...

FGM fgm at osinet.fr
Mon Jan 22 21:16:11 UTC 2007

It's interesting to watch this idea evolve, and I thought I'd try to sum up
our current situation (in Drupal 5) regarding content-related entites and
the hooks available for them.

This gives a table of all the content-related hooks as I could remember
them. I've tried to align horizontally hooks pertaining to a semantically
similar operation, and of course columns are used for object types.

The table is available here:

I've also done a blog post about it and my impressions, to increase
remanence on the discussion:

Frederic G. MARAND
fgm / osinet

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> Aren't we really talking polymorphism here when we say we want to use
> the something like the node API "toolkit" on other objects?
> If I read and understand correctly, there are 2 major suggestions.
> One group wants to make more objects be nodes, so that this benefit is
> gained.  Others don't want some  other object types to be nodes and
> have suggested generalizing the node API to obtain the benefits.
> Using node-like API functions on other objects sounds like
> polymorphism to me, which is a "solved problem" so to speak.  Any Java
> or C++ programmers out there who might comment on this?  (I only know
> enough Java and C++ to be dangerous.  :-)

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