[development] nodify.module idea: 'everything is a node'

Chris Johnson cxjohnson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 20:33:55 UTC 2007

Aren't we really talking polymorphism here when we say we want to use
the something like the node API "toolkit" on other objects?

If I read and understand correctly, there are 2 major suggestions.
One group wants to make more objects be nodes, so that this benefit is
gained.  Others don't want some  other object types to be nodes and
have suggested generalizing the node API to obtain the benefits.

Using node-like API functions on other objects sounds like
polymorphism to me, which is a "solved problem" so to speak.  Any Java
or C++ programmers out there who might comment on this?  (I only know
enough Java and C++ to be dangerous.  :-)

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