[development] nodify.module idea: 'everything is a node'

Gordon Heydon gordon at heydon.com.au
Sun Jan 21 22:25:44 UTC 2007


My personal rule in this area is that if it is content then it is a node.

So things like users, categories, and yes I have have had someone say 
for E-Commerce 'a transaction should be a node', which are not content 
should not be a node.

The only thing that is borderline is a comment, as sometimes a comment 
can actually be content. but the overhead of a node for a comment really 
makes it impractical.

Also building a one size fits all box for every type of object really 
means that there will be overheads in areas which are not needed for 
some types of objects.


FGM wrote:
> Dries,
> You and some others obviously know more than I do about resource use in
> core, but
> - it seems that the changes for 6.0, with (as I understand them) node
> loading mechanism becoming lighter before rendering, might make loading
> faster
> - the core code might become more difficult to understand (although I'm not
> sure why it would, but I'm no core expert), but the API used for contrib
> modules could actually become simpler, with a slightly reduced number of
> hooks and no additional parameters, which could make contrib code more easy
> to write and maintain: CRUD uperations like loading, updating, creating and
> deleting are already hooked for each of these entities, but in a different
> way. Would it not be simpler to have the same way be used for each entity ?
> - you say it does not become easier for users, and this may be true. But it
> certainly does not become more difficult for them, since most users are not
> even aware to the "node" term
> - reducing the number of tables might reduce load (otoh, same-table joins
> like (content)node->nid to (user)node->nid can be less efficient on some
> engines), which might indeed be a source of resource hogging, as you
> suggest. This needs benchmarking, though: this is the only engineering
> proof. Maybe it has been done at the occasion of one previous discussion on
> this recurring theme ?
> Overall though, I have the slightest impression that the rejection of the
> idea might stem from having from the origin of the software held "nodes" as
> the basic content entity, wrapped, complemented, and organized by every
> other entity, and such a change would mean nodes become the basic entity,
> not only for content, and content nodes become a specialization of this more
> abstract object, which is another point of view somehow.
> Note that this would pave the way for interesting evolutions like potential
> revisions on terms, users and comments (and more).
> Now *that* would be a major change.
> Is this also considered when rejecting Nedjo's idea ?
> Frederic
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>> On 19 Jan 2007, at 21:31, Nedjo Rogers wrote:
>>> Questions:
>>> - does this approach sound useful?
>>> - who's working on something similar? better?
>>> - pitfalls?
>>> - anyone wanting to work on this?
>> I've said it before and I'll say it again; the nodification of such
>> objects is not a good idea for a variety of reasons. Three obvious
>> reasons are: it does _not_ become easier for your users, it does
>> _not_ become easier for the average developer (unless you're a Drupal
>> expert, the code becomes more difficult to understand), and it will
>> be an incredible resource hog.
>> -1 for 'comments as nodes', 'users as nodes' or 'categories as nodes'.
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