[development] Referential integrity -- finally?

Earnest Berry III earnest.berry at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 23:02:31 UTC 2007

I like it. Now we just need people to implement that layer. It would be 
nice if someone would create a script that would run through a set of 
tables and create that code for you. What I mean by this is, for me 
anyway, when I'm rapidly developing a module, especially one that has a 
lot of tables, the most tedious thing to do is go back, and place all my 
create statements in db_query, and in quotes, and then format it all for 
my install script. I think it would help module developers move to the 
new abstraction layer faster and easier it you could give it a list of 
tables, and it would create the php.install (the bulk of it anyway) for 
you. E.g. webhicks module builder. It builds the general frame work for 
you for a module.

 - Earnest

Sammy Spets wrote:
> Good point Adrian,
> I think there needs to be some effort put in to better the abstraction 
> we currently have. e.g db_add_column() only exists for PostgreSQL. We'd 
> get rid of a mountain of code if all updates were moved to use that 
> function for both MySQL and PostgreSQL. It would also reduce the barrier 
> for module developers to write PostgreSQL compatible code.
> What do you guys think of this?

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