[development] Drupal 5 Themer Pack

Adrian Simmons adrinux at perlucida.com
Tue Jan 23 11:22:16 UTC 2007

Earl Miles wrote:
> No, the only difference is that yours is a THEME while what I intend to 
> do is merely a collection of stuff.
I don't think that's true Earl, Sympal is also a collection of stuff, to be 
pruned or modified in order to actually create a theme.

> You're trying to 'fix' things in Drupal with your theme.
This I think is the crucial difference - Ber is driving towards a better (or 
at least standardized) xhtml/css framework. We might take issue with his 
route but I doubt any of us would argue that's a bad thing.

> I am merely trying to expose the templates. I want the output to be 
> *precisely* the same as it is with stock Drupal. That means resisting 
> the urge to fix anything.
And that means your large project will be a dead end *if* all theme 
functions get moved into tpl files and are organized into a more structured 
xhtml tree for Drupal 6.

> There are some very serious differences in what this I have in mind and 
> what sympal_theme appears to be meant to do.
The only real difference I can see is that you want to extract Drupal's 
current theme xhtml into a collection of templates rather than attempting to 
  improve on it. In effect your themer's kit is just another base theme for 
people to build real world themes on. That's no bad thing but I'm not sure 
we need yet another one.

Drupal's theme system has grown organically over the years and I'm pretty 
sure everyone agrees it could do with some tidying, moving theme xhtml to 
tpl files is the first step in that, and makes theming easier in the 
process. As Dries says, working on that provides more benefits in the long run.

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