[development] Is DRUPAL-5 branch necessary for module?

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jan 23 16:46:36 UTC 2007

Quoting Vernon Mauery <vernon-drupal at mauery.com>:

> I am not a CVS guru, but I think this model makes perfect sense to me
> -- until HEAD is not compatible with 5.0, there is no need to branch.
> But then, it sounds like that won't be too long before some major
> changes are introduced to HEAD.  But you still might keep your module
> HEAD compatible with D5 until the D6 API (or whatever is next)
> stabilizes.
> --Vernon
> On 1/22/07, _craig <drupal-list at 2craig.com> wrote:
>> Do I really need to have a separate DRUPAL-5 branch for my contributed
>> module? The documentation* seems to indicate I need to.  Is anything
>> preventing me from just tagging files under HEAD with DRUPAL-5--1-0?  Right
>> now and in the near future I will only be making changes for 5.x so I don't
>> see the need to have a separate branch.  Of course if you look at my
>> module**, it's too late...
>> Thanks!
>> Craig
>> * http://drupal.org/handbook/cvs/quickstart#branch-tag
>> **
>> http://cvs.drupal.org/viewcvs/drupal/contributions/modules/taxonomy_breadcru
>> mb/taxonomy_breadcrumb.module?view=log&only_with_tag=

So I, as geek guru, find Drupal for the first time.  Being geek I check 
out the CVS and find branches and tags that seem to tell me that this 
is has a good structure and so determine to try out the DRUPAL-5 
branch.  I quickly become frustrated to discover that the contributed 
modules do not follow the same model.

Please branch and tag appropriately.  IMO this falls under the 
guidelines for a responsible maintainer of a contributed module.


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